Thursday, November 10, 2011

*NEW* Ogopogo Sighting in British Columbia's Lake Okanagan

Is it you, Ogopogo? Video footage of the 'monster' in Okanagan Lake, British Columbia shows two objects under the water that do not appear to move

At first glance, it looks like a ripple in the water.

But on further inspection, the dark shadows in British Columbia's Okanagan Lake show what could be seen as the outline of a large sea creature.

Or that is the conviction of Richard Huls, a local man who believes he has captured a video (SEE BELOW) of Ogopogo, Canada's version of Scotland’s infamous Loch Ness Monster.

He spotted the object while visiting a winery with a clear view of the lake.

'It was not going with the waves,' Huls told The Vancouver Sun. 'It was not a wave obviously, just a darker colour. The size and the fact that they were not parallel with the waves made me think it had to be something else.


Native Canadian Indian legend told of a beast called Nhaaitk - now known as Ogopogo - living in Okanagan Lake.

The serpent would demand a sacrifice from travellers for safe passage across the lake.

Indians dropped small animals into the water for a protected journey.

A sign by the lake reads: ‘Before the unimaginative whiteman came, the fearsome lake monster N'ha-a-itk was well known to the superstitious Indians.

'His home was believed to be a cave at Squally Point, and small animals were carried in the canoes to appease the serpent.

'Ogopogo still is seen each year - but now by white men.’
'It proves something is down there. Whether it's Ogopogo or not is a different story, but there is something at least down there.'

The shaky 30-second footage shows two slender objects under the water. The shadows, which are about 40ft in length, do not appear to move.

Ogopogo has allegedly been spotted on more than a thousand occasions since 1860.
A handful of grainy photographs and films exist of the 'monster'.

The most common description is a 40ft-long sea serpent with humps. It has been described as resembling a horse or goat.

While some sightings have been witnessed by up to 30 people at a time, they have often been dismissed as animals, such as otters, or objects, such as floating logs.
In 1991, an expedition financed by Japan's Nippon Television searched for the monster using a remotely-operated vehicle and a miniature submarine.

The pilot took the vehicle to the deepest part of the lake, but no monsters – or bones – were found.

Benjamin Radford, from the Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, said he was not convinced by this latest 'sighting'.

He said: 'There are no humps, nor head, nor form – only two long, darkish, more or less straight forms that appear to be a few dozen feet long.

'Perhaps not coincidentally, Lake Okanagan has tens of thousands of logs harvested by the timber industry floating just under the lake's surface.'

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