Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Horned Sea Monster washes ashore in Spain

The decomposing corpse of a bizarre creature that recently washed ashore in Spain has local wondering what the hell it could be: A sea monster? A dragon? Falcor from The Neverending Story?

The horned beast was first spotted last Thursday by a beachgoer in the Andalusian village of Villaricos.

Photos of the "mutant fish," which is said to be about four meters (13 feet) in length, soon surfaced online, and the local Civil Defense was called in to examine the remains.

But so far, nada.

"We have no idea what it could be, but it smells bad," Civil Defense rep María Sánchez told a local news site.

Several theories have been put forth by experts, including the possibility that it is a type of shark, but the Association in Defense of Marine Fauna says further study is needed.

The biologists have their work cut out for them: As the Civil Defense was forced to bury the creature for "health reasons," the association only has photos snapped at the scene to go by.


Anonymous said...

How do you bury a photoshop image?

crossley said...

Well aware that there were and are many of these pictures & yes many of weird strange yet mysterious creatures washing up ashore on many beaches around the world. But these were hear since the beginning of time but only unseen and they never came up ashore and since the earth is covered with 75 percent of water and depths mysterious , dark , cold and Deep. BUT..... Listen to Bill Schnoebelen and see his videos, if you don’t have them then take it from me as I have clips stating some of these creatures being conjured up through Spells, Curses, and the Occult, Giant Lizards communicating & working with humans, extraterrestrials under water etc. We are actually blinded by our daily walks of life as we are normal with our day to day lives & our issues, fashions, cell phones, relationships, etc but so are THEY,,, Yes they have a life like ours just as we have ours and think THEM strange & THEM thinking us strange but some like us who have researched & learning about THEM and many like THEM know for real that they exist and will be very real in time near. Many went past under our noses and we did not notice , some we ignore by calling it mystery but there are always explanations as we have created world within our selves , the rich the poor , the middle class , the rude , the cruel , the intelligent etc , so THEY have their worlds. One news channel in Pakistan covered a story of a being which is exactly like the one in the 2013 documentary "Sirius" but the other coverage was over 6 years ago as I have the video of that too. We tend to all have different explanations just to be different and as many say like "na na na" "its just this or that" but everyone having similar experiences of extraterrestrials and of the paranormal & as the Gen 1 to 6 of the Bible , Ezekiel in the Bible , Revelation 13 etc. Our own history tells us of Dinosaurs but that was all that the bones we find now, what if many of which fossils or remains unknown? What about sleep paralysis?? , every Religion tells of flying beings : Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrian) Suriya- vimana flying machine(Hindu)our sudden change in technology after the 1950`s. Many many examples , of Mysterious Visions , Creatures , Sounds (Roaring sounds in the sky) Paranormal etc. my email is , please write to me , if you want some of the videos of Bill or any of what I have I will share with you.

Anonymous said...

crossley ... wtf. You sir are a nutjob. Your grammar, or lack there of, as well as your insane, pointless jibber jabber scares me. p.s. I hate you.

Frimmy said...

Crossley? More like attack of the Night Blogger.

Anonymous said...

Crossley's comment is longer than the article.

crossley said...

well i guess you f**rs are ignorant , lack the intellect of joining the dots , and you only hate a person who f**s you in the a**s so watch you words and if you cant digest something then its best if you turn you pea brain to what you think you can understand