Friday, August 11, 2017

Rocking horse is moved by a ghost in haunted antiques shop (video)

An antiques dealer claims a Bambi rocking horse mysteriously moved by itself before being thrown off the showroom shelf - by the ghosts of little children.

Daniel Parker came into work at Barnsley Antiques Centre, South Yorks, to find the 1960s toy lying on the shop floor.

The 45-year-old quickly rewound one of the store's 24-hour CCTV cameras to discover the toy begin eerily moving despite nothing being near it.

After being plagued by hundreds of unexplained events in his two years owning the shop, customers suggest it is the ghosts of little children - however, the dad of two remains sceptical.

Daniel said: "It was just completely bizarre - and I'm a sceptic.

"It just starts slowly rocking - just stopping and starting and then it flips off, as if someone is getting off the toy.

"As soon as I found it on the floor I immediately went to rewind the CCTV to see what it was.

"The thing is I've tried recreating the movement. I've tried moving the toy backwards and forwards in the way that it does on film, but it's just impossible to recreate it.

"That movement just looks like it would have to be somebody on it. There's absolutely no explanation."

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